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11 thoughts on “Class of 2025-Offensive Linemen

  1. Thank you for putting me on the list. My goal is to be ranked #1. With all due respect, I don’t believe there are 18 linemen in the class of 2025 better than me. The links you have for me are older. I have some new links. I started Varsity as a Freshman for the OK 6A-1 State Champs. I was O-Line player of the game in the Championship. Let me know what camps I need to attend to improve my ranking.

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    1. Thanks for your updated videos Jesse. You are an outstanding young lineman playing for a great program. Starting on the OL at Jenks as a freshman is really something else. These rankings, of course, are not set in stone and are very fluid as more information emerges so you may well be right that there aren’t 18 linemen in the nation better than you.


  2. I’m very blessed and honored to be on this list. I want to thank you for picking me on this list. My ranking will jump after my 10th grade year. The grind does not stop with being on this list I just elevate and get better from here.

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  3. How can I request a ranking where do I send in my film? I believe my film is way better than multiple other 2025 lineman.


  4. Good Morning! Thank you for having Bryson Furrey on this list of 2025 top recruits. I was hoping to get an edit. He attends West Orange High School or the West Orange Warriors. It currently says Bobcats. He also has updated Hudl link to see his freshman year highlights. I will have him send that to you! Again. Thank you so much for putting together this list. Please keep private! Thank you


    1. Thanks for the updated info. I am still in the process of updating freshman profiles for many players and what I had on Bryson was from back in junior high. I will update his profile in my database.


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